Undocumented can now get the vaccine without proof of residency.

Last month I wrote a blog about how undocumented people were unable to obtain the Covid vaccine due to the application of documentary requirements that were written to allow “snowbirds” to obtain vaccines. I am happy to report that undocumented people can now get the vaccine without multiple proofs of residency. All that must be presented at this time is proof of age because the vaccines are not approved for children. To prove age, you can present a birth certificate (with translation if not in English), ID, driver’s license, or passport. 16- and 17-year-old teens who do not have proof of age can have their parent or legal guardian verbally confirm their age. To prove residency, they will accept verbal confirmation of residency or if a person is in Florida to work all that they must do is say you are in Florida to provide goods and services – i.e., you are in the state to work. Allowing everyone to get the vaccine will make all of us safer.

Linda M Kaplan