Voter suppression by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

There is much talk in this country about voter suppression. Typical voter suppression tactics include purging voters, gerrymandering, instituting voter-ID laws, closing polling places and preventing felons from voting.  I will not discuss the voter suppression tactics in general but would like to point out the voter suppression that is occurring via USCIS slow walking applications for legal residence (which can lead Read More

Crimes and Immigrants – the Myth

Every month I struggle with what to write in my monthly blog. There is no shortage of subjects. The problem I have is to decide what of many topics to use and to try not to make it too political but with immigration issues, it is really impossible to stay away from political commentary. Just reading the morning papers give me numerous ideas and then I look at my inbox with emails from AILA (the American Immigration Read More

Welcome Home Campaign

Recently there has been so much bad news about new immigration policies and procedures that it is hard to decide what to talk about in this blog. Every day brings new things to be outraged about. While the assault on “illegal” immigration continues to escalate, the assault on legal immigration continues under the radar. I am writing an article on what commentators have called the “invisible wall” – all of the ways, Read More

Rally to keep families together

On June 30th, I attended a rally to show support for keeping families together. It was at the Government Center in Key Largo and was co-sponsored by the Upper Keys Action Network, the Upper Keys Democrats and Keys to Peace. It was hot, humid and sunny but meaningful to those who attended.  Some brought signs, and some made signs from materials we had available. Because many people come to the Keys to retire, many Read More

Voting is a right of U.S. citizens as well as a responsibility

Register or update your registration and request vote by mail ballots if you think that will make it more likely that you vote. As an immigration attorney, I have spent decades helping people obtain U.S permanent residence which can lead to citizenship after five years (or three if married to a U.S. Citizen.) At the oath ceremonies, new, very proud U.S. citizens are provided information on voter registration. Read More

Good Economic News and Trump’s War on Immigration

The April Jobs report shows that unemployment has dropped to 3.9 % for the first time since 2000. This is good news in general, but many employers are struggling to find workers.  This is especially true for fast food restaurants, retail and construction companies but it is also a problem for employers of professionals such as teachers and nurses. There was a recent article in the New York Times entitled “A Read More

Extraordinary Ability Visa – O visa

Immigration law provides for a visa for foreign nationals to allow them to come to the U.S. on a temporary basis if they can prove that they possess extraordinary ability. The O-1A visa is for those with extraordinary ability in the sciences, education, business or athletics. The O-1A does not apply to those with extraordinary ability in the arts or extraordinary achievement in the motion picture or television Read More

Chain Migration Is a Pejorative Term for Family Reunification

We have been hearing so much recently about stopping Chain Migration. This pejorative term often comes with misleading information. So I am writing to put this into perspective along with the facts and some historical background. Much of the talk today reminds me of the National Origins Act of 1924, a discriminatory immigration law that restricted the immigration of Southern and Eastern Europeans and practically Read More

Temporary Protected Status Update

TPS is a status given to citizens of countries that have been designated by the Department of Homeland Security after a determination that conditions in that country prevent the country’s nationals from returning safely, or, in certain circumstances that the country is unable to handle the return if its nationals adequately. It is granted to people already in the U.S. when the designation is made. It does not allow Read More

What Is Right Is (Also) What Is Best for the United States…

...according to Sayra Lozano, a DACA recipient and MBA student at Southeastern University. Her article was published in the Miami Herald last Friday. Perhaps I was impressed by what she wrote because the point of her article is one that I have made many times. Allowing the dreamers to obtain permanent residence is good for our economy. In March, I wrote a blog entitled DACA, the “Dream Act” and its latest Read More